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Pocket Watches

Pocket watches came into existence before the wrist watches. Pocket watches were first used in 14th century with a mechanical spring driven. Artshai Pocket watches are made with excellent craftsmanship and you will feel the difference by holding it in hand. We also provide pocket watches with Sheesham wood box which gives it a classical antique touch.We have both open face and Push button based pocket watches.Mechanical pocket watches does not need battery to work.Here is the difference between different type of watches:-

Quartz Watches: Work on battery 

Mechanical watches: Does not need a battery. It derives its energy from the spring. Once you rotate the knob, spring is wound and the energy stored in the spring drives the watch for typically 24 hours.

Automatic Watches: Automatic Watches also does not need battery to work and does not need winding as needed in mechanical watches. They derive the energy from the motion.e.g.if you have automatic wrist watch on your wrist, then each time you move your hand,it gives energy to the automatic watch for movement.